Università degli studi della Basilicata

Fulvio Delle Donne.  Full Professor of Medieval and Humanistic Latin Literature (SSD L-Fil-Let/08) at the University of Basilicata; qualified as Full Professor also for Medieval and Humanistic Latin Literature (SSD L-Fil-Let/08) and Medieval History (SSD M-Sto/01).

My extensive scientific production combines philological-literary and historical methods or interests, covering a wide chronological arch from the 6th to the 16th century. I have published about 50 books, including monographs and critical editions, and about 200 articles in volumes and in international scientific journals (mainly of Class A). 

I am Director or member of the Scientific Commitees of numerous Class A Journals and editorial Series, and I am the Leader of PNRR Goals, PRIN and many others international scientific projects supported and funded in Italy and other countries.

I am the winner of an international scientific prize (Stauferpreis, Germany; Best Researcher, India; Premio Basilicata).

I am the President of the European Center for Studies on Aragonese Humanism and Renaissance - CESURA, and the Director of the connected International Interuniversity Center. I am Membre acadèmic corresponent a l’estranger (elected) of the Reial Acadèmia de Bones Lletres de Barcelona.

I perform several organizational positions at the University (now I am Director of the Basilicata University Press; and of the University Central Library; I was in PQA; Research; CAOS) and Department (now I am Director of of Master’s Degree Course in European History and Civilization; I was President of Paritetica; member of Research Commission; HQ). I am member of the Board of Directors of the Consulta per il Medioevo e l’Umanesimo Latini (CoMUL).

My main lines of research are: rhetoric, medieval epistolography and ars dictaminis; medieval and humanistic historiography; literary legitimacy of power in medieval and humanistic age; culture and cultural institutions in medieval and humanistic age; transmission and tradition of ancient texts; ecdotics theory and practice.

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